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A Guide to Meis: Exploring Greece's Hidden Gem from Kas
14 May 2024
Kalkan Villas

A Guide to Meis: Exploring Greece's Hidden Gem from Kas

Nestled in the southeastern Mediterranean Sea, the small island of Meis, also known as Kastellorizo in Greek, offers a tranquil escape from the bustling mainland. Its colourful houses, crystal-clear waters and rich history make it a perfect destination for a day trip from the Lycian Turkish coastal town of Kas (Kaş).

Getting There

The journey begins early in the morning at the picturesque harbour of Kas. A short ferry boat ride takes you across the azure waters of the Mediterranean to the harbour of Meis. The ferry ride itself is an experience, offering stunning views of both the Turkish and Greek coastlines and takes only 30 minutes.

Exploring the Island

Upon arrival, you’re greeted by the charming harbour of Meis, lined with immaculate pastel-coloured neoclassical buildings and moored fishing boats. The island with less than 500 occupants, is small enough to explore on foot and its narrow cobblestone streets beckon you to wander and discover its hidden gems.

Start your exploration by visiting the iconic Blue Grotto, a sea cave renowned for its mesmerising blue hues. You can take a small boat tour to venture inside and witness the magical interplay of light and water.

Next, make your way to the Castle of the Knights of St. John, perched atop a hill overlooking the harbour. This medieval fortress offers panoramic views of the island and the surrounding sea, providing a glimpse into Meis’s storied past.

As you meander through the island’s streets, be sure to visit the Megisti Museum, housed in a beautifully restored mansion. Here, you can delve into the island’s history, from its ancient roots to its recent role as a filming location for Hollywood movies.

Culinary Delights

Every visit to Meis is complete with indulging in its culinary delights. Head to one of the waterfront tavernas to savour fresh seafood dishes, accompanied by locally produced wine and traditional mezes. Don’t miss the opportunity to try the island’s speciality, "mezedes," small plates bursting with flavour and reflecting the rich culinary heritage of the region.

Relaxation and Reflection

Meis doesn't boast sandy beaches, but it offers ample opportunities for aquatic activities. Visitors can indulge in swimming, snorkelling and boating, keeping an eye out for turtles often spotted near the seafood tavernas. Jump into the crystal-clear waters from spots like the pier at Faros or Mandraki, both natural harbours near the ferry dock. For a more secluded experience, venture along footpaths to hidden swimming spots such as Plakes, where flat limestone rocks provide perfect sunbathing spots.

Meis by Night 

As evening descends upon Meis, the island takes on a different charm, with its narrow streets illuminated by the warm glow of lanterns and the sound of laughter drifting from cosy tavernas. On a clear evening, the glowing lights of life not so far away in bustling Kas can be seen. The charm of Meis by night is its easygoing, relaxed nature which sets the ambience for strolls along the twinkling waterfront promenade and feasting on local delicacies at fine dining restaurants and tavernas. You will not find booming nightclubs but live music fills the air and locals and visitors alike come together to share stories and experiences. Whether you're savouring a romantic dinner by the sea or simply soaking in the island's tranquil ambience, Meis’ evenings leave a lasting impression of beauty and serenity. 

What to pack for the day?

- Passport (and visa if applicable - for more information get in touch with the Kalkan Villas team)

- Swimwear and towels

- Change of clothes for sightseeing and lunch

- For adventurous wanderers, sturdy footwear for walking up to the Lycian tombs and Castle of the Knights of St. John

- Staying for dinner? Change of eveningwear 

- Thin jacket for ferry rides during the cooler months (April-June & September-November)

Want to book?

A day trip to Meis from Kas is a journey into a world of timeless beauty and serenity. From its historic landmarks to its vibrant culture and culinary delights, this hidden gem of the Mediterranean never fails to captivate and enchant. So, pack a day bag, embark on the ferry and prepare to discover the magic of Meis, just a stone’s throw away from the shores of Kas.

Ferry boat departure times from Kas harbour are 09:30 and 10:00 (alternating daily) and returns from Meis are 16:00, 16:30 and 23:00 (depending on the day).

Get in touch with one of our representatives to organise your travel arrangements to Meis. Email us at [email protected] or WhatsApp on +90 242 606 19 97.