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Kalkan Villas


Can I add additional guests?

If you need to add extra guests to the reservation, you may do so by contacting our customer service team. As long as the total number of guests does not exceed the maximum number of guests the property can accommodate, then there should not be a problem.

Is the Villa available in winter?

Unfortunately, not all of our villas are available all year. If you are looking for a property during winter (November to April), we suggest you contact us to check whether your selected villa is available.

Can I request a hold on the property?

Yes, we can usually put your dates on hold for 24-48 hours to give you time to book your flights and liaise with the other party members.  If a property is already on hold for another customer request, we will advise you of this at the time of your request and let you know the time frame for the current holders.

Is the price shown per person or property?

Our prices are for the rental of the whole property for up to the maximum capacity displayed on the property page. We only include the total cost of the accommodation with no extras. To give you the greatest flexibility, prices do not include flights, airport transfers, car hire, insurance etc., and you are free to purchase those items from any agents of your choice.

Can I book online?

You can send a booking request online. However, our website is not currently set up for instant booking. When we receive your booking request, we will contact you to confirm availability and arrange for your booking deposit to be paid.  Please note that you will not receive an immediate response if you send a request outside of our office hours. We will contact you back as early as possible on the next working day, so you should provide relevant contact details. Bookings will only be confirmed upon receiving a confirmation email after receiving the first payment.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations should be made in writing by email, and sent by the lead name whose email address is the one recorded against the booking. Cancellations will become effective from the delivery date of the cancellation email. All cancellations are subject to a charge payable by the customer as detailed below. Charges for cancelled bookings will be confirmed to you by invoice within two weeks of cancellation. Please note: these charges also apply, if you have failed to make payment on time and we cancel your booking as a result. In addition, your booking will be treated as cancelled and the same charges will apply if you decide to change your accommodation from one property to another.

Cancellation notice given: Cancellation charge applied:

More than 80 days Deposit only (30%)

79 – 60 days 80%

59 days or less 100%

What the price does not include?

Refundable security deposits, entry visa, en-route hotels, short and long sea crossings, flights, car hire, transfers, car parking and holiday insurance are not included in the price although some of these items can be arranged at extra cost.

Refundable Damage Deposit

The required security deposit amount varies between each property. The exact amount will be stipulated on the specific property’s page in the description section. A refundable security deposit is payable with the final rental balance and is returned to you within 10 days of the end of your holiday provided there is no loss, breakages or damage to the rental property or its contents (in some cases, a larger damage deposit is required in which case we will notify you at the time of booking).

The payment of your security deposit does in no way exclude you from your responsibility to take every care of your holiday accommodation. The property will be presented in good order and should be left as such. Any damage liability rests totally with you. If any damage occurs (accidental, wilful, reckless or otherwise) or the property is left in an unacceptable condition, then the resolution of any dispute shall be between you and the owner or local property management company. In certain circumstances the Company is prepared to arbitrate between the parties but we must remain neutral in all cases.

Should no damage have occurred during your stay then the deposit will be returned to you by bank transfer to a UK bank account nominated by you. Additional payment for any proven claim in excess of the breakage deposit will be requested by the Company directly from you.

Booking and Payment

A non-refundable deposit for the accommodation rental is payable when you book your holiday and the balance is due 8 weeks before departure. The deposit is generally 30% but can be more or less dependent upon the property. We will notify you at the time of booking the deposit amount required. The balance due date is shown on your confirmation so please make a note of it as no reminders will be sent. Where the balance due date differs, you will be notified at the time of booking. From time to time we may agree that you can pay the balance upon arrival at your accommodation. If you book less than 8 weeks before your arrival date, the full balance will be due immediately. Deposit payments can be made by bank transfer, cheque, or debit/credit cards. Payments for the balance must be made by bank transfer or cheque. If you wish to pay the balance by a credit or debit card, we reserve the right to charge a 1.5% administration charge.

What the price includes?

Use of the villa, as booked for the people named on the booking form, including utilities and facilities which are advertised in the villa description as being available at no extra charge, plus the services of the local villa or apartment agents where applicable.