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Notable for its historical setting, incredible crystal waters and buzzing central square, the seaside town of Kas is a haven for discerning holidaymakers. Bougainvillaea-adorned buildings, narrow winding streets, a sizeable harbour and Lycian stone tombs make up the fabric of the quaint town centre. Ideally situated to offer various delightful holiday experiences, Kas is a place where you can discover natural and historical wonders. Encompassing the ancient town of Antiphellos with Hellenistic ruins to observe, the modern town has a bohemian ambience and attracts history enthusiasts from across the globe.

For adventure lovers, Kas is a dream come true as it is a hub of fantastic outdoor activities, including scuba diving, paragliding and trekking the famous Lycian Way. Unspoiled by the hand of commercial tourism, the town offers diverse, family-run eateries, intimate jazz houses and quiet cafes so you can spend laid-back evenings soaking up the atmosphere after a day on a boat or under the sea. Kas is a popular spot for sailors, too and has a beautifully maintained marina sat on turquoise waters and can hold a capacity of up to 450 yachts.