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Best Beaches in Kas Turkey
1 March 2024
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Best Beaches in Kas Turkey

With its mountains tumbling into the sea, picturesque port, cobblestone lanes, Lycian monuments, and abundant beaches in Kas, this attractive destination feels virtually untouched. As a result, this charming little settlement tucked away on Turkey's blue coastline is a travellers’ haven, and there are undoubtedly fewer tourists here than in other holiday destinations in Turkey.

Sometimes your adventures need a little more style, and Kas has it in abundance. Kas provides guests with a more upscale yet relaxed experience compared to other regional beach resorts. This coastal retreat is a bohemian jewel that makes a beautiful base for your travels because there are so many amazing beaches in Kas.

#1. Kaputas Beach

This picture-perfect beach is among Turkey’s most stunning, if not one, of the best beaches in Kas. First, you’ll be awed by the clifftop views before stepping on the beach. Then, when you look down at the blue and cerulean waters of the Mediterranean crashing onto the golden dunes below, it's simple to understand why it's one of the best in the nation. The beach is well sheltered, and the gorgeous turquoise sea gently ebbs in and out as it is tucked away in a mountain canyon where water has been flowing over the rocks for thousands of years. So be prepared for a trek down a flight of 187 steps that traces the cliffside to access this natural wonder. 

Kaputas Beach is approximately 20 kilometres outside of Kas, and a scooter ride there along the Turquoise Coast passes through some breathtaking landscapes and uninhabited coves you can explore. Just know that during the height of summer, traffic is pretty heavy, and there are few parking spots available if you plan to drive, so it's best to arrive early and reserve a spot for your group. You can also be dropped off in Kaputas by dolmus (minibuses) travelling between Kas and Kalkan.

Many people consider Kaputas Beach to be among Turkey's top beaches. We concur that Kaputas is quite impressive! So while you're on holiday in Kas, Kaputas Beach is well worth a visit. To find the location, click here

#2. Seyrek Cakil Beach

If you want to experience the unspoiled beauty of the Mediterranean, you should definitely add Seyrek Çakıl Beach to your list of beaches in Kas to visit. Seyrek Cakil is a small, undeveloped beach by the side of the road that leads to Kaputas Beach. But, if you want a more relaxed retreat by the sea, escape the crowds at Kaputas and spend some time alone in nature, this is an excellent location. So, spend the day floating in the pure, lovely waters. Or bring your mask and enjoy one of the best beaches in Kas for snorkelling! To see the location, click here. 

#3. Akcagerme Beach

The tranquil water, aqua park, tennis courts, and abundance of other youngsters to play with make Akcagerme Beach the top choice among children's Kas beaches. If it wasn't clear, this is a family-friendly beach. Akcagerme, one of the few sandy beaches along Kas's rocky coast, was certified as a blue flag in 2009. The water in Akcagerme is a magnificent green colour, striking you before you even descend to the beach, in contrast to the other beaches in Kas. The beach is run by a vocational high school, which explains why the costs are so low, yet the service is "amateur." Nevertheless, many people visit this location

Getting to Akcagerme is simple. From Kas town centre, a minibus ride only takes ten minutes. A beautiful, four-kilometre-long pavement follows the coast if you prefer a scenic stroll. To find the location, click here

#4. Buyuk Cakil Beach

This pebbly beach is nestled away in a rocky cove similar to Kaputas. It is a stunning bay, 200 metres wide, with clear waters and chilly springs near the shore, making a dip in the sea very energising. And Big Pebble Beach, one the most well-liked beaches in Kas, doesn't fall short in terms of atmosphere. Many clubs and eateries take advantage of this location, being among the best in town for seeing a spectacular sunset. Around 4 p.m., the restaurants set up their tables on the seashore so patrons can dine while enjoying the magnificent sunset views. Because of the stunning sunset views, the variety of cafes and restaurants, and the relative closeness to town, Kas' Big Pebble Beach is a favourite among tourists. 

Big Pebble Beach (Buyuk Cakil) is a pleasant 1-kilometre walk along the marina and coastline just outside town. To see the location, click here

#5. Incebogaz Beach

This beach is relatively modest, but humble still means lovely in Kas! And after spending the morning wandering Kas' charming cobbled streets, you can head to this beach in Kas to catch some rays and refresh. Incebogaz Beach features a shoreline that looks out over the open sea and a quaint cove in the thinnest section of the Cukurbag Peninsula. 

While the water on the cove side is calm, the open side offers a more challenging swim against the waves. Incebogaz is one of the most popular destinations in Kaş for families with young children and people who aren't confident swimmers, thanks to its sandy beach built of small pebbles and its bright, shallow, and temperate waters. Additionally, Incebogaz has unique rock formations on either side of the beach, making for interesting underwater exploring. Finally, keep your eyes out for fishing enthusiasts who enjoy spending time on the rocks on either side of the bay. To find the location, click here

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