Best Things to Do in Kas Turkey

Best Things to Do in Kas Turkey

29 June 2023

If you're looking for sprawling Mediterranean beaches, exquisite cuisine, and a carefree vibe, the Turquoise Coast in southern Turkey will be your paradise. Look no further than Kas, a resort community, for the ideal holiday destination along the Turquoise Coast. This charming waterfront town offers some of Turkey's top beaches, exciting activities, and breathtaking sights for a memorable getaway- there are endless things to do in Kas Turkey.

Due to its natural beauty and position, Kaş has long been a well-loved destination and continues to be so today. The region's historical and cultural significance is bolstered by its location at the famous hiking trail- the Lycian Way, which connects many UNESCO world heritage sites, and the Caria Road crossroads. You can sense the streets’ vitality in the main town as you stroll through this beautiful coastal resort. And after experiencing the blues of the Mediterranean at Kaş, you will be encircled by a mystical spell that won't let go.

Let's explore the top things to do in Kas Turkey, a magnificent harbour town with unending fun and awe-inspiring scenery.