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Kalkan Weather. Kalkan Climate
22 February 2024
Kalkan Villas

Kalkan Weather. Kalkan Climate

What to Expect of Kalkan’s Climate

As a coastal town tracing the clement Mediterranean Sea, Kalkan is a popular destination for those seeking a warm summer holiday. Limited yearly rainfall and high temperatures make for a dream holiday spot for many European visitors. Kalkan has approximately 300 days of sun per year, with most of the rainfall occurring in December and January. So, what can you expect at the time of year when you are visiting Kalkan?


Kalkan weather in March, April and May

Spring in Kalkan occurs in the months of April and May, when there are stunning floral blooms and sweet scents in the air. The days are mild and with comfortable temperatures for walking and exploring further afield. Sunbathing is possible during these months, although you should be prepared for cold waters in both swimming pools and the sea. If you love to swim, you may wish to book accommodation where the pool is heated. That way, you can enjoy a less shocking dip! Evenings are cooler during the spring months, so you may feel a little chilly sitting out in the later hours of the evening.

Average temperatures 8° - 25° C

Average Sea temperatures 17.2° - 20.3° C

What to wear: Be sure to bring jackets and shawls or cardigans with you for springtime trips, and open-toed shoes can be a little too cool for evening wear in April and May.


Kalkan weather in June, July, and August

The peak months through June to mid-September in Kalkan are a sun worshipper's dream, with high temperatures reaching mid to high 30’s and very little chance of rainfall. At this time of year, the town is in full swing, beaches and beach clubs are buzzing, and the harbour and Old Town do not rest at night. Evenings on roof terraces or by the marina are magical in the balmy summer air. The mid-day sun can be quite fierce, so we recommend spending this part of the day near the sea or pool or perhaps reclining in the shade with your holiday reading material. 

Average temperatures15° - 32° C

Average Sea temperatures24.1° - 28.2° C

What to wear: Sunscreen! Open-toed shoes with good grips are advised for walking in Kalkan as the streets are often hilly and get washed regularly by locals during the summer. Light, loose and comfortable clothing is best for these hot and humid months.


Kalkan weather in September October November

The sea has truly warmed up by the time autumn comes around in late September and October, and as the strong summer heat subsides, we see temperatures returning to more comfortable figures as they were in springtime. This is an excellent time of year to embark on excursions and really explore the local area as the weather is more forgiving with plenty of hours or sunshine (12-14 per day).

Average temperatures 8° - 25° C

Average Sea temperatures 20.6° - 23.9° C

What to wear: As in spring, ensure you pack jackets and shawls or cardigans for autumn trips, but with daytime temperatures still in the 20s, light summer clothing is still the best for during the day.


Kalkan weather in December, January and February

In years gone by, Kalkan was all but a ghost town during the winter months. However, with the rise in the building of luxury villas designed with heated pools and underfloor heating for a comfortable winter stay, Kalkan has come to life during winter. Christmas and New Year are usually busy with various venues opening, especially for several weeks around these festivities. Although the climate is much milder during winter the sun often shines and the sight of blue skies over Kalkan’s sleepy turquoise bay really is the best winter tonic you could receive.

Average temperatures 3° - 16° C

Average Sea temperatures 16.2° - 88.2° C

What to wear: Think of winter in Kalkan as autumn or early spring in the UK. You most likely won’t need to wear thermals, but you will need a coat and waterproof shoes for rainy days. Warm jumpers and trousers should be packed too, but the days are mild.

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