Top 8 Restaurants in Kas Turkey

Top 8 Restaurants in Kas Turkey

29 June 2023

Kas is a bustling seaside community on the Mediterranean coast of southwest Turkey. This modest coastal town has endless excitement and entertainment, narrow, colourful streets, and a charming harbour. Since Kas is a working town a fair distance from local airports, most visitors are locals, which adds to the authentic charm of the harbourfront community. In addition, this buzzing Turkish Riviera destination has many excellent eateries, making it an ideal destination for gastronomy lovers.

To begin with, let's mention that there are several delectable cafes, bars, and restaurants in Kas Turkey to enjoy. On each twisting backstreet, you can discover endless quaint restaurants in this adorable town. Rest assured; there is a restaurant in Kas for every taste bud, where you may find exquisite sweet treats, delicious international cuisine, or home-cooked Turkish specialities.

Below, we include some of our top-rated restaurants in Kas, Turkey. However, many other incredible places didn't make the list, so you'll have to visit Kas to sample them for yourself!

Where to Eat in Kas like a Local

Yesil Restaurant

Asking locals about their fave eateries is the number one culinary travel recommendation, and without fail, Yeşil Restaurant is on everyone's list of the best restaurants in Kas Turkey. The family-run Turkish restaurant is just outside the charming Old Town, so you won't just happen upon it by chance.

The unassuming cafe isn't flashy or ostentatious, but that's a big part of its appeal. In Kas, casual restaurants are where you may get scrumptious, homemade Turkish food. You can see the Turkish grandmother toiling away in the kitchen, perfecting the ages-old family recipes. Yeşil is also one of the more reasonably priced restaurants in Kas Turkey. If you're travelling on a tight budget, this restaurant is a top choice because it's significantly less expensive than the Old Town's more popular eateries.

Location: Click here to find Yesil Restaurant on the high street.

Kasik Manti

Everyone should try manti, a peculiar Turkish speciality consisting of miniature dumplings filled with spiced ground meat and typically served with melted butter, garlic yoghurt, and spices. Manti is sometimes called "Turkish pasta" or "Turkish ravioli."

There is no better place in Kas to sample this unusual dish than the charming, family-run restaurant Kasik Manti. To satisfy everyone's tastes, it offers a variety of manti so that you can try meat or vegetarian, spicy or mild manti. Kasik Manti is located directly on the main square in the heart of Kas's Old Town. Tables spill right into the bustling public square, where most dining is outside. At any time of day, the buzzing Old Town's dynamic ambience may be enjoyed while people-watching at the Kas café. Kasik Manti's neighbour is a well-known tavern that hosts live music every night. So if you eat late, you can enjoy the free live music while dining.

Location: Follow the directions here to get to Kasik Manti.


Top Restaurants in Kas Turkey for Breakfast

Pell's Restaurant

Breakfast is the restaurant Pell's speciality. They offer a wide variety of sweet and savoury breakfast options and coffees. The restaurant has few seats and is situated in an outside courtyard. So it's better to arrive early on weekends because there's a significant chance it'll be packed. The 'interior' looks boho, with bright pillows and string lighting everywhere. Pell's is unquestionably one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Kas Turkey.

Location: Discover Pell's backstreet location here.

Noel Baba Café & Bistro

Kas's central square is home to the Noel Baba cafe, which offers all-day dining. Although they have a sizable selection of food and beverages, this location is another restaurant where you can grab an excellent, filling breakfast. For a Western fix, this restaurant offers a great range of classic lunchtime favourites like pizzas, wraps and burgers- all perfectly executed and delicious.

Location: Noel Baba Café is on the main square; see the area here.