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Kalkan Villas
Discover Multi-Destination Holidays with Kalkan Villas
4 March 2024
Kalkan Villas

Discover Multi-Destination Holidays with Kalkan Villas

The lush coast of Southern Turkey is blessed with incredible weather, magnificent natural beauty, and a rich past. Perfectly picturesque, the Turkish Riviera greets you year-round with its dazzling sun and azure water and is aptly referred to as the ‘Turquoise Coast’. The upscale town of Kalkan, the serene village of ancient Patara and the bohemian Kaş peninsula are three of the most notable of its unspoiled tourist attractions. 

Without a doubt, a visit to the turquoise coast will give you a truly unforgettable holiday in Turkey, but why choose just one fantastic location when there are so many enchanting options? Our unique luxury collection at Kalkan Villas allows you to craft the multi-destination holiday of your dreams, combining stunning destinations on the Turkish Riviera. Multi-destination holidays can enhance your travel experience as you discover remarkable ancient sites, observe more of the local culture and explore the endless scenic beauty. 

What are Multi-Destination Holidays?

Holidays spanning two or more locations are referred to as multi-destination holidays or multi-centre holidays. This can involve visiting different regions of the same nation and staying a short while in each. Or it might imply travelling to multiple countries at once. A multi-centre holiday allows you to create your ideal itinerary by combining various locations, resorts, and experiences.

The first alternative is concentrating on one country while seeing two distinct regions. For example, you might spend equal amounts of time in a metropolis, on a beach, on a mainland, and an island. You will be able to experience the various characteristics of your destination, which is a terrific approach to getting to know it. If you have an extensive travel wish list that can’t be fulfilled in one place, multi-destination holidays may offer you the perfect solution. 

Multi-destination holidays are incredibly well-liked for long-distance travel, as you could break up the distance travelled by staying briefly somewhere else along the route. The world is your oyster, and if you have an adventurous spirit, combining numerous locations in a single straightforward trip can be more enriching than a week in one place. 

Plan a Multi-Destination Holiday in the Heart of Lycia.

The Turkish Riviera is the ideal holiday spot for history buffs, nature lovers and culture seekers. It is dotted with countless ancient ruins along its coasts aside, welcoming holiday resorts. Along the westernmost section of Mediterranean Turkey, the stunning coastline and dramatic mountain ranges are linked by Turkey’s famous Lycian Way hiking trail, which was voted in the World’s top 5 walks by the Times.

At Kalkan Villas, we have a range of villas located in charming tourist spots along this route, including Patara, Islamlar, Kalkan and Kaş. Let’s take a closer look at what these destinations have to offer. 

Kalkan Matched with Patara, Kas or Islamlar


Kalkan holidays are marked by crystal-clear waters, rustic charm, ancient buildings, and hospitable Turkish people. The breathtaking bay is framed by Kalkan's winding lanes of white-washed villas and shops, protected by the towering Taurus Mountains and built around a historic harbour. With its upscale beach clubs, lively waterfront bars, and rooftop restaurants, Kalkan offers a cosmopolitan holiday destination on the Turquoise Coast. The resort's primary Blue Flag beach, ideal for a day of swimming or sunbathing, is located east of the harbour. Take a boat or gulet tour, go scuba diving, try water skiing, or explore the resort's Ottoman Greek architecture and historic buildings. The option is yours when you holiday in Kalkan.

Kalkan boasts a relaxed yet active nightlife, with options ranging from a quiet drink on a rooftop terrace to Jazz bars and a few open-air bars with dance floors. A holiday in Kalkan will check off many items on your wish list, whether you're searching for a romantic getaway for two, a family holiday in the sun, or a few days away with friends!

Peruse our extensive collection of Kalkan villas and get inspired for a multi-centre holiday in Turkey. 


This charming rural community, unspoiled by mass tourism, is located adjacent to the spectacular 18 km long sandy beach, frequently cited as one of the most stunning and natural beaches in the Mediterranean. It is nestled in the Taurus mountains' foothills, and the village's vibrant greenery will make you feel you have retreated into a natural haven. Suppose you decide to spend part of your multi-centre holiday here. In that case, you'll notice that the village of Patara, also known as Gelemis locally, is very dissimilar from the trendy town of Kalkan. Patara, in comparison, is even more tranquil and "genuine," with a unique assortment of hotels, pensions, apartments, and villas.

Life slows down to a different pace in Patara, where guests may unwind and soon feel at home. It is relaxed and easy-going, and visitors from every country are warmly welcomed at Patara. In addition, you can discover the remarkable ancient site, which sits next to Patara Beach in a national park. If long days on the pristine sand and a leisurely walk back in time are your things, a holiday in Patara should definitely make the itinerary for your multi-destination holiday in Turkey. 

We have a charming collection of Patara villas in the Yali area set on the hillside overlooking the valley down to the sea. 


A fifteen-minute drive into the hills leads you from the spectacular seaside resort of Kalkan Turkey, to the village of Islamlar. This charming mountain community above Kalkan Bay is a location of pastoral peace and simple architecture in the spectacular Taurus Mountains. A traditional way of life that has yet to alter over the years can still be seen in Islamlar's centre, including an antique tea house, a bakery where the flour is still ground by hand, and shepherds leading their sheep past olive trees. Since Islamlar is in a serene mountainside location, it is ideal for a secluded holiday of rest and retreat, with many properties designed to give complete privacy from the outside world. 

The unspoiled nature of this mediaeval village allows you to immerse yourself in rural Turkey's daily activities thoroughly, and numerous trout farm restaurants provide flavourful, straightforward Turkish fare. All ingredients are organic and locally sourced. The trout ponds that supply the nearby restaurants are fed by small waterfalls, springs, and mountain streams that continuously produce fresh water. As a result, Islamlar has beautiful green views down the valley to the sea, and prices in the traditional restaurants are lower than at the coastal tourist resorts. 

See our hand-picked collection of exquisite villas in Islamlar to complete the picture.


Travel enthusiasts and tourists adore the lovely seaside town of Kas Turkey. There are many explanations for this, but the initial allure and attractiveness stem from a Turkish town atmosphere that has accepted modernity while maintaining a commitment to tradition and outgrown the position of a tiny hamlet. Unlike many other tourist destinations in Turkey, it has yet to give out its culture and traditions to the tourism industry.

This bohemian coastal town, a longtime favourite of artists and craftspeople, is a picture of meandering alleyways, lively bazaars, and end-of-day beverages on the palm-lined esplanade. The region offers more adventurous activities like canyoning, horseback riding, rock climbing, scuba diving, and the simple joys of stunning beaches and historic sites. With the Lycian Way trail right outside your door, Kaş is also a walker's paradise and offers a distinct perspective on the past of this unquestionably charming location.

Discover our stunning villas in Kas to envisage how you could spend part of your multi-destination holiday. 

Enjoy The Ride

With multi-destination holidays, the journey is as important as the final destination. You may want to experience travel like a local and use the famous Turkish dolmus minibus service, winding through little villages between tourist destinations. Alternatively, if you like to arrive in style, you could hire a gullet from Kalkan’s harbour, spend a day sailing along the coast and embark at Kas for the next part of your adventure. Finally, if you enjoy rambling, stopping off at these two destinations will allow you to explore Turkey’s famous hiking route, the Lycian Walkway. 

Set Yourself up for Great Exploration.

Multi-destination holidays in this culture-rich part of southern Turkey will allow you to explore an endless wealth of natural and historical wonders. Each destination is between a 15 and 45-minute drive from one another, and every location offers something unique and a different perspective on life by the turquoise coast. The villages of Islamlar and Patara provide easy access to the ancient sites of Xantos, Letoon, Tlos and Patara national park. You can also take a trip to Saklikent, an impressive gorge voted in the top 10 canyons in Europe by the Guardian, where you can trek in the refreshing waters or raft along the rapids. 

Kalkan is an ideal base for visiting Turkey’s most photographed beach- Kaputaş, and for amazing water activities both above and below the surface of the crystal-clear waters. Test your skills at watersports, spend a day on a luxury gullet exploring the stunning coves or learn a new skill at Kalkan dive centre. It is also the most central of our listed destinations, so you can easily take day trips to Patara, Kaş or Islamlar.

The sunken city of Kekova and the Greek Island of Meis can be explored from Kaş on a daily boat tour. Within a short drive from the bohemian town, you may visit several fascinating sites, including, Arycanda, Pinara, Theimussa, Myra, and the Church of St. Nicholas. 

How to book a multi-destination holiday in Turkey

The planning process is simple when planning with a single provider. When you make a reservation with us, you can be confident that Kalkan Villas will be there for you at every stage. We are always available by phone or email and will go above and beyond to ensure your holiday in Turkey is a success.

Multi-Destination Holidays with Kalkan Villas

Whatever inspires you for an unforgettable travel experience, Kalkan Villas can design your itinerary. Our exclusive selection of locations and luxury villas in Turkey means you can curate the perfect trip to the turquoise coast. Tempted? To begin planning your multi-centre holiday, contact our travel specialists now.