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Kalkan Villas
Spend your Summer in a Luxury Villa in Turkey
28 February 2024
Kalkan Villas

Spend your Summer in a Luxury Villa in Turkey

Introducing Kalkan- The Jewel of the Turkish Riviera 

Did you ever spend a summer break in a luxury villa in Turkey? If not, perhaps now is the time to plan that experience, and we suggest you try a beautiful little town called Kalkan. One of the most breathtaking spots along Turkey's stunning Lycian Coast is the historic town of Kalkan. Kalkan, formerly known as Kalamaki, was an Ottoman Greek port trading community. Due to the lack of widespread tourism, this beautiful village remains a picturesque, unspoiled sanctuary of lush nature. It is renowned for its ancient architecture, rich history, fine dining, welcoming Turkish hospitality and crystal-clear sea. The town has dramatic visual beauty with an attractive pebble beach and turquoise bay encircled by mountains that descend directly into the dazzling azure waters.

The old town is a destination you must explore and will surely admire. It is an eclectic blend of Greek and traditional Kalkan architecture, with roof terrace restaurants and magnificent sea views. The classical Greek structures in this tranquil old town are embellished with bougainvillaea along the meandering cobblestone lanes that descend to a charming harbour, giving the area a sophisticated appeal. With beautiful design, breathtaking views, and lavish amenities, Kalkan has some of the top luxury villas in Turkey where you may spend your summer break.

What defines a Luxury Villa?

Villas are a symbol of exclusivity, class, refinement, and luxury. A stay in a luxury villa in Turkey offers an unrivalled high-end experience. What, however, qualifies as a luxury villa? A luxury villa should, at the very least, have a swimming pool, a living area that is sufficiently spacious, a dining area that is tastefully furnished, and a fully functional, contemporary kitchen. These rooms should be meticulously planned and lavishly decorated, with every convenience and pleasure associated with modern life, including an entertainment system and internet connection. Villas with a longer list of amenities and a wide range of diverse possibilities are available. The most upscale villas frequently have a dedicated cinema room for a private movie theatre experience, entertainment and game rooms, on-site spa facilities, dedicated private gyms, and many indoor and outdoor jacuzzis.

The Summer Scene in Kalkan

Unsurprisingly, the sea is the focal point of most daytime activities in Kalkan. Upscale beach clubs provide intriguing platforms above the shoreline and staircases into the refreshing waves. Since Kalkan is built around a sizable bay, most beach clubs have jetties from which patrons can board a speedboat and learn a new sport like water skiing, flyboarding or riding a rapid jet ski. Participating in these adrenaline-pumping activities will give you a feeling of exhilaration and excitement. In addition, the charming harbour in Kalkan is always busy taking tourists on day cruises to untouched coves and the remote, unspoiled Kaputaş beach, located 7 kilometres east, beyond Kalkan's famous Mouse and Snake Islands.

After sunset, scores of people populate the narrow lanes lined with traditional dwellings, restaurants, quaint boutiques, and local retailers. The delicious fragrances of Kalkan's world-famous cuisine draw people to the harbour and nearby streets. Turkish cuisine, which originated in Ottoman cuisine, is influenced by foods from the Mediterranean, Asian cuisine and Middle Eastern dishes. It mixes an incredible array of colours and robust flavours to satisfy the senses. Innovative Kalkan chefs have improved traditional recipes by employing high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and meticulous ingredient preparation to create various dishes that are regarded as some of the finest in the culinary world.

Why Luxury Villas in Turkey?

There are numerous reasons why a luxury villa in Kalkan, Turkey, is the ideal option for your summer getaway. The main advantages are exclusivity and seclusion, which let you design your stay according to your plan rather than having to adhere to anyone else's. A luxurious villa enables you to indulge in whatever makes you feel good while on holiday in luxury and comfort. You can experience the five-star quality and services you get with a hotel without sharing your space with anyone else. Furthermore, you can experience Kalkan's spectacular scenery, from the sparkling turquoise bay to the glorious sunsets, whilst sitting on a roof terrace or cooling off in an infinity-edged pool.

Many exquisite villas are available in Kalkan, featuring stunning grounds adorned with charming Mediterranean foliage. Various styles suit all tastes, from ultra-modern villas to authentic, stone-built residences. You can expect to see large infinity pools, indoor and outdoor jacuzzis, stunning terraces, alfresco dining areas, and well-equipped game rooms. You can even spend your days on a private platform above the shoreline in a grand villa with tiered grounds leading down to the sea.

Plan your Luxury Villa Holiday Today

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