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Kalkan Villas
Which Kalkan Beach Club to Visit?
28 February 2024
Kalkan Villas

Which Kalkan Beach Club to Visit?

Picture the scene: you are stretched out on a sunbed gazing out over softly lapping turquoise waters. The sun’s rays shine down under crisp blue skies, and you have just had your favourite beverage delivered to your bedside. Life does not get any better than this. This can be your experience every day when you visit Kalkan, as each Kalkan beach club boasts unique vistas of the Mediterranean, the dramatic shoreline, and the monumental Taurus mountains. 13 Kalkan beach clubs adorn the beautiful coastline of Kalkan’s bays, some with raised wooden platforms, others with intimate pebbled coves and all with wonderful Turkish hospitality and high-class service. So if you plan to venture to this stunning part of the Lycian coast, you can spend every day in a new little piece of heaven. 

Best Kalkan Beach Clubs for Adult Serenity

Mahal Beach Club Kalkan

Mahal Beach Club, made up of platforms carved into the hillside, is located where Kalkan's first and oldest beach club, Likya Beach, once stood. Ladders that descend into the deep water are located beneath the shade of olive trees. Stone steps connect numerous paved platforms with sun loungers and umbrellas. There is a restaurant that serves drinks all day, and there are water sports available.

Zest Beach Club Kalkan

The Kalkan beach club scene has recently welcomed Zest, which exudes a carefree, barefoot feel. Like Palm, it is situated on the opposite side of the bay and is easily accessible from Kalkan Harbour by water taxi or by taking a quick trip along a coastal path on foot.

Several spacious terraces layer up from the seafront and are outfitted with cosy day beds, making it easy to find a peaceful place to unwind. It is simple to dip in and out of the sea because it is only a short distance away. If swimming in the sea isn't your style, there is also a saltwater pool with expansive views of the bay.

Yali Beach Club Kalkan

Yali Beach Club is a terrific spot to unwind since it offers a restaurant, bar, sun loungers, and magnificent bay views. This Kalkan beach club is perched on a rocky slope above the water and features swimming platforms with direct access to the gorgeous crystal blue sea, comfy sun loungers, and an Ottoman lounging area where you can relax in the shade with a glass of chilled wine. The platforms are composed of decking and positioned at various levels for greater privacy.

Best Kalkan Beach Clubs to Mix with the Locals

Cakil Beach Club Kalkan

A short stroll from Kalkan's Old Town, the recently launched Cakil Beach Club is situated just past Indigo Beach Club. There is a sizable deck with sun loungers and umbrellas for rent, as well as a ladder that descends into the lake allowing easy access to the water. From the restaurant and bar area, visitors may take in sea vistas and have a beautiful view of the boats entering and leaving the harbour.

Denizim Beach Club Kalkan

Sat between Zest and Palm Beach Club in Komurluk, Denizim Beach Club provides spectacular views of Kalkan Harbor and the nightly sundown. For those who prefer to enjoy the sea in shallower waters, there is a small beach area, a waterside restaurant, and sunbathing platforms with ladders. The ideal location to take pictures for Instagram is a unique heart-shaped photo space with islands in the background.

Best Kalkan Beach Clubs for Families

Indigo Beach Club Kalkan

Indigo Beach Club is situated just beyond the harbour wall near the old town. It is a contemporary beach club with a restaurant, sunbed platforms, and Aristos centre for water sports, and there is a per-person entrance fee. The restaurant is on the upper terrace, and loungers and umbrellas may be found on the lower deck, providing direct water access. A fantastic spot to enjoy a drink in the late afternoon while watching the boats return to the harbour.

Palm Beach Club Kalkan

This excellent Kalkan beach club is located on the bay’s east shore. Relax in the beautiful restaurant for a leisurely meal, which is a perfect spot to have a cold glass of wine or a refreshing Efes while watching the sun set behind the mountains and Kalkan come to life in the evening. Foosball and table tennis tables at the side of the restaurant allow parents to relax while children play. If you're feeling particularly spirited, swim out to the water trampoline or participate in one of the various water sports available during the height of summer. Also, if you are in the mood for total relaxation, there is an in-house massage service at Palm Beach Club. 

Kalkan Beach Park

Thanks to the beach area where you can easily venture into the shallow waters and the availability of a water slide to keep the kids entertained, this beach club is highly well-liked by families with younger children. During the height of the summer, water sports are also available. In addition, the restaurant offers fresh drinks, handmade pizza, and chips, and there is no entrance fee for Kalkan Beach Park. 

Best Kalkan Beach Clubs for Underwater Exploring

Kalamar Beach Club Kalkan

Kalamar Beach Club's entry price includes kayaks, pedalos, sun loungers, and showers. This beach club can accommodate up to 200 people and is especially well-liked by young adults and families with kids. Food and beverages at fair prices are also easily accessible. Here you may find the Kalkan Dive Center, and when you go diving with the crew, you can see stingrays, turtles, and starfish around the reefs and islands. The water is crystal-clear, the visibility is up to 30 metres, and the water's temperature ranges from 18 to 30 degrees Celsius. 

Caretta Caretta Beach Club Kalkan

You can reach this charming, intimate Kalkan beach club by taking a 5-minute stroll along the coastal route from Kalkan Harbour. This is a steadfast local favourite thanks to its secluded swimming platforms, superb home-style food, and tranquil waters with an array of marine life.


Kalkan Beach Clubs at Hotels

In addition to the Kalkan beach clubs listed above, three hotels have beach clubs and welcome non-resident guests. Kulube Hotel in Kalamar, Patara Prince at the edge of Komurluk and Kisla and Green Beach Hotel in the heart of Kisla. 

Plan your Kalkan Beach Club days with Kalkan Villas

At Kalkan Villas, we know that your time in Kalkan is priceless and that you want to get the most out of your experience on the turquoise coast. That’s why we provide comprehensive concierge service to all our guests. We will gladly assist with itinerary planning and in-situ reservations and advise you on the best Kalkan beach club. So please contact us for advice on your perfect Kalkan holiday.