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Kalkan Villas
Best Things to Do in Kalkan and Advice for Families
28 February 2024
Kalkan Villas

Best Things to Do in Kalkan and Advice for Families

For some family getaways, an all-inclusive package may satisfy your needs. However, the quaint town of Kalkan, Turkey, has much to offer if you're seeking an experience that will stimulate your children's minds and keep them engaged and entertained. With its abundant attractions and breathtaking Mediterranean location, Kalkan, Turkey, will give your family a holiday they'll never forget. Our Kalkan Villas team has hands-on experience raising children in Kalkan, so we created this post to share more detailed insight into spending time in Kalkan with children. Read on to discover the plethora of options for things to do in Kalkan for families. 

Choose the Best Villas in Kalkan for Kids.

The first priority when planning your visit to Kalkan is to select the most suitable villa for your family. Our collections are primed for luxury holidays in Turkey, with properties to suit large groups and families. A multi-generational family vacation is a wonderful way to spend time together, and Kalkan Villas' extensive inventory gives you plenty of options for your ideal location. If you aim to relax and refresh while staying close to your property, we will match you with the perfect villa with plenty of amenities to keep the youngsters busy. 

The villas have something for everyone because they are well-appointed with modern conveniences and are close to neighbourhood facilities. There is also enough space indoors and outdoors so children can run around and adults can find a quiet place. Our team is familiar with all of our villas inside and out and will easily suggest the ideal family-friendly home while taking into account all of your holiday needs, including villa safety and child-approved amenities. When you peruse our collection, you will find villas with cinema rooms, outdoor games and indoor games rooms, and a private pool in every property so you can tailor your Kalkan holiday the way you want.

Kalkan Welcomes Families

One of the most heartwarming and frequently made comments by families in Kalkan is how welcoming the Turkish people are to children of all ages. Whether in a busy restaurant, a waterfront bar, or one of Kalkan’s trendy beach clubs, you can be sure that the staff will give your children plenty of attention and even take small children off your hands for a stroll around the restaurant while you are making your dinner selection. Also, when you visit the local greengrocers or Thursday open market, don’t be surprised if the seller hands your small children a complimentary piece of fruit. You can rest assured that when holidaying in Kalkan, Turkey, you will feel welcome as a family.

Things to do in Kalkan with Kids

Kalkan has a reputation for being an upmarket holiday destination, and quite rightly so. However, this gives some travellers the impression that the coastal town may not be ideal for that long-awaited family break. Let us assure you that the contrary is true; there are many enjoyable things to do in Kalkan that will satisfy all family members, big or small. 

Relax on a Picturesque Beach

Kalkan is strategically placed to enjoy some of Turkey’s most breathtaking beaches. A short drive from Kalkan takes you to Turkey’s most photographed beach, Kaputas Beach. This gorgeous cove with alluring azure water, shingle and the golden shore is a lovely spot to spend a day with the family. In addition, with its sparkling white stones and crystal-clear water, Kalkan's public beach is perfect for snorkelling and has earned the Blue Flag certification.

The magnificent Patara Beach, the longest in Turkey at an astonishing 11 miles, was named one of the finest beaches in the world by the Times Online. Patara is surrounded by a national park and has an abundance of wildlife. In addition, it is close to the region's historic ruins and serves as a nesting habitat for the endangered loggerhead turtle. If you feel like spending time by the sea with additional service, there are 12 beach clubs dotted around the bay. You can read our Kalkan Beach Clubs blog for more detailed information about the best option for your family. 

Have a Picnic above the Sea

Beyond the public beach is a beautiful green space with a walkway, benches and grassy areas under the shade of wild Mediterranean foliage. So pick up your favourite mezzes and fresh Turkish bread and stroll along the coastline to set yourself up for a family picnic with sparkling azure views.   

Visit a Playground

Not all the things to do in Kalkan with children have to cost money. If you have younger children, you may want an alternative spot where they can burn off energy. Several playgrounds around the town allow for an outdoor activity where children can get fresh air, which won’t cost you a penny. The primary ones to note are Huseyin Haluk Yilmaz Park on the high street next to the Nur Patisserie café, the playground above the public beach and the playground on Kalamar road opposite the Migros Supermarket. If you are visiting in the height of summer, it’s best to go early in the morning or evening as the equipment gets very hot during the middle of the day. 

Excite them with Watersports.

Kalkan is primed for fun on and underneath the water. Local companies provide an array of watersports activities for all ages five and up. So take them on a speedy group inflatable tour around the bay, let them learn how to scuba dive or kit them out with a snorkel and help them discover the marine life that inhabits Kalkan’s coves. 

For more inspiration about things to do in Kalkan, our Kalkan activities blog details the most popular pastimes for Kalkan holidays.

Services in Kalkan for Families with Children 


The perfect Kalkan holidays for families should include fun and relaxation for all the family. So as parents, you will be pleased to know that English-speaking babysitting services are available in Kalkan. Plan a romantic dinner in your favourite rooftop restaurant with peace of mind knowing the rest of your family is in safe hands. 

Things to do in Kalkan for Toddlers

A recent and very welcome addition to the service sector in Kalkan is the Kalkan Kids Zone. If you plan to travel with infants or toddlers, this company offers a range of high-quality toys, portable cots, car seats and high chairs to rent that will save you the worry of having to pack additional things for your little ones. So, while older children are entertained in the pool, you can also provide your toddler with things to do in Kalkan. You can get in touch with Kalkan Kids Zone through their Facebook page. 

Advice for Parents with Toddlers and Infants

Fashioned into the side of a sloping coastal landscape, Kalkan streets have cobbled areas and inclines, which can be difficult to navigate with some prams and pushchairs. You may want to invest in a sling if you plan to come with smaller children or be sure that the wheels on your pram are sturdy enough for uneven surfaces. When you are out and about in Kalkan, take a changing mat with you, as there are very few establishments with baby-changing facilities. However, you will find that all businesses are happy for you to use a sofa or sun lounger in a quiet corner. 

Taxis in Kalkan are not fitted with child or baby seats, so if you want to use one during your stay, you can rent one locally to use when you are travelling by taxi. All local companies providing airport transfer services have car seats available, and you can enquire about sizes and prices when booking. 

Kalkan Villas helps plan the perfect Kalkan Holidays for your Family.

We are fortunate to be able to provide our visitors with a wide range of exquisite residences, from well-equipped, family-friendly villas to opulent spa villas ideal for an adult getaway. In short, Kalkan Turkey is a luxurious resort that is wonderful for both adults and children. The options for things to do in Kalkan are endless, and our professional concierge team at Kalkan Villas is on hand to assist you with all your needs. Please contact our knowledgeable experts so they can help you plan the family Kalkan holiday of a lifetime.