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Kalkan Villas
Neighbouring Villas for Large Groups in Kalkan
27 February 2024
Kalkan Villas

Neighbouring Villas for Large Groups in Kalkan

Finding a place to stay for momentous events like long-awaited family reunions, milestone birthdays, or trips with large groups of friends can be challenging. There are many demands to meet and individuals to satisfy. Locating villas for large groups substantial enough to accommodate your entire party is tricky, but don’t distress; we have an excellent solution! Booking neighbouring villas in the same picturesque location can be the perfect answer if you're travelling with a mixed group and everyone has slightly different expectations. A group of villas standing together (but separate) gives the best of both worlds, whether attempting to accommodate the diverse needs of numerous family groups or wanting to enjoy time alone with your partner while travelling with friends.

Kalkan Villas’ collection of neighbouring villas for large groups in Kalkan is a great place to bond with your holiday companions while retaining some privacy. Our neighbouring villas are perfect for extended families, multiple families travelling together, or a sizable group of friends. We have options for neighbouring villas that are either right next door to one another or just a short walk away. Each spacious villa features a pool and self-catering amenities, guaranteeing everyone a hassle-free holiday and unforgettable memories. 

Neighbouring Villas for Large Groups of 10+

We present the first neighbouring villas from our collection,Villa Sweet Kalkan and Villa Eos Kalkan. These twin villas are set on a hillside in the Kalamar neighbourhood, granting them stunning views of the unending sea. Villa Sweet is adjacent to Villa Eos, and both properties are designed to equally high specifications. Each villa hosts three magnificent bedrooms, individually sleeping a party of six and combined a party of 12, with private balcony access so you can admire the scenery at dawn or sunset. Spend leisurely days on one of the pool terraces and take a dip in an infinity pool that cascades into the Mediterranean below. Finish the day reclining in the rooftop jacuzzi and gazing at the starlit sky. 


The next set of exclusive neighbouring villas includes Villa Nana, Villa Setara and Villa Afsana Kalkan. This triplet of ultra-luxury holiday villas sits proudly above the shoreline in Kalkans’ prestigious Komurluk district and caters for up to 18 guests when booked together. Villa Setara and Villa Afsana have four deluxe en suite bedrooms each and are crafted as exquisite copies of one another, built side by side. Villa Nana offers a unique, ultra-luxurious open-plan concept and sleeps two guests. This set of neighbouring villas is perfect for a wedding group, as the bride and groom can retreat to their own romantic escape in Villa Nana. The views from these elite villas are unbeatable, capturing the whole panorama of the azure bay and harbour.

Neighbouring Villas for Large Groups of 20+

Located in an exquisite setting, Villa Falcon Exclusive and Villa Falcon Lodge will enchant guests with incredible spaciousness for a large party of up to 28 guests.  These premium sea-view villas are each spread across four levels with seven en suite bedrooms per villa and expansive private terraces with infinity pools. You will not want for activities as Villa Falcon Exclusive has a private gym and games room on the lower ground floor equipped with a cross trainer, weights, and a table tennis table to keep the more athletic members of your party busy.

Find Wonderful Neighbouring Villas in Kalkan

Our extensive selection of premium villas for groups in Kalkan does not end here. We have a wider range of neighbouring villas that our customer service team can share with you. Kalkan Villas is ready to serve if you want a travel experience that exceeds your expectations. Our business has a long history of offering customers villa holidays on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. We hand-pick only the finest holiday villas with luxury as our primary concern. Please get in touch with our experienced advisors, who will assist you in creating the experience of a lifetime.