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Visit Kalkan in Winter
26 February 2024
Kalkan Villas

Visit Kalkan in Winter

While visiting Kalkan in winter is very different from doing so in the summer, there are still advantages for out-of-season travellers. It's a slower time of year, favoured by travellers seeking a peaceful retreat. In the past, the entire town and all local businesses would close for the season. In contrast, many businesses are now open year-round to accommodate the rising number of winter tourists. Visitors who make the trip to Kalkan in the "off-season" are pleasantly pleased by the moderate weather, mainly the frequency of cloudless days. Even if the temperatures are low, seeing beautiful skies is a welcome reprieve for European visitors.

The local beach reverts to its natural beauty, unencumbered by sun loungers and parasols. Adjacent, the local café is right on the beach's edge and is open all winter. You can expect to see locals of all nationalities gathering for a chat or a game of backgammon. This is a lovely spot to sit and watch the sea, and you may spot some local fishing on the rocks below the lighthouse. The harbour looks different, in winter, with many boats perched on the harbourside for winter repairs and painting.

What is open in Kalkan in Winter?

Winters on the Turquoise Coast are far more pleasant and brief than those in Britain. The Thursday open-air market still takes place every week. However, it is aimed at locals rather than tourists, so locally-grown produce and homemade delicacies take centre stage. All the neighbourhood convenience stores and supermarkets stay open, too, so you will never go short of supplies. The winter alternative is self-catering, but with many cafés, restaurants, and shops remaining open, you can still enjoy a balance of venturing out and staying in.

Winter in Kalkan is a slower-paced lifestyle and significantly less expensive than in the UK or other European destinations. Numerous events are held weekly in various locations in Kalkan, which has a sizable ex-pat community. One of the highlights of winter is the Kalkan Christmas Fair, where local artisans have Christmas-themed stalls on one of the Old Town's most picturesque streets. Santa visits, and money is raised for the local children's charity. There is mulled wine and food available too. All visitors are welcome to participate. You will be surprised by the number of themed dinners, cinema nights, live music and quizzes arranged throughout the winter.

What is the weather like in Kalkan in Winter?

It would be impossible to talk about the off-season in Kalkan without addressing the question of what the weather is like in Kalkan. When you step out of your villa on a winter's day, you may not even know that it is winter in Kalkan! November and December can be full of gloriously sunny days, and you will definitely still need sunscreen and sunglasses. The sea is still warm enough to swim in, and on New Year's day, you will see some of the locals dressing up as a community for the first swim of the year. Evenings tend to be cooler, and you will need warm shoes and jackets for venturing out at night. Click here to read our Kalkan Weather.

But when is the rainy season, you ask? Rainfall is generally heaviest in January and February; even then, it doesn't feel the same as in the UK. During the rainy season, the sea is illuminated by brilliant lightning strikes and deep purple skies that will astound you. Therefore, if you're coming for a Mediterranean Christmas in Kalkan, you won't experience many of the year's first few significant downpours. Although thermals are probably unnecessary, you will still need a coat and waterproof shoes on wet days. Consider the UK's early spring to get an idea of Kalkans' winter.

Where to stay in Kalkan in Winter

If you've ever visited Kalkan Villas during the bustling peak season, you know how hot it gets here. However, the season is extending due to the increasing number of visitors who come in March, April, November, and December. A heated pool is a fantastic luxury villa amenity for your winter accommodation in Kalkan if you're travelling during the shoulder or off-season because the water can become chilly. However, do you want to ensure the pool is constantly at the ideal temperature, and do you have young children or older individuals in your group? Then you ought to think about renting a property with a heated pool. Here is a sample of villas from our heated pools collection that offers winter accommodation in Kalkan for varying numbers of guests:

Villa Nana

Villa Nana is a luxurious, ultra-modern sanctuary finished to the most exemplary standards. It is ideal for a romantic winter escape for two guests. The location of Villa Nana is Komurluk, and you can enjoy uninterrupted views of the bay. Plus, it is located on the southeast side of the bay, which means you can get the most daylight in this area and observe some spectacular sunsets.

Villa Samira 1

If you want to have plenty of outside space, Villa Samira 1 is a good choice. The property can host up to six guests and has ample space in the living area and bedrooms as well as outside. A spacious ground-floor terrace houses the heated outdoor pool, plus large wrap-around balconies and a roof terrace with an open-air jacuzzi. You can take a leisurely walk downhill into the town from here. The Thursday market area and Migros supermarket are very close.

Villa Imperial

Villa Imperial has the real wow factor as a winter rental in Kalkan. This property boasts two swimming pools, an infinity pool outside, and an indoor heated pool with a games room and gym. Suppose you are planning a family Christmas or New Year's getaway. In that case, this property is ideal as you have the sheltered heated pool, five en suite bedrooms, multiple terraces and great amenities for all ages.

Plan your Winter in Kalkan Visit

For expert, local knowledge about Kalkan in winter, look no further than Kalkan Villas. Our company is long established in villa holidays on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, and we are situated in Kalkan year-round. We offer only the best holiday villas with quality at the top of our criteria. So get in touch, and our helpful advisors will assist you in planning your winter escape.